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On 3 November, 2009 by Carol

After lots of search and reading tons of reviews from users around the web, i decided to change my host and go for a new one  that offered me a lot more space than my previous host at a very affordable price and so  i settled down for WpWebHost.com – a specialized company in hosting WordPress-powered websites, located in Malaysia.

A friend told me that if i ever want to find out if a host is offering a good service, besides good space, then i have to google “x webhost sucks”. So i did, and from a bunch of hosts out there, WpWebHost doesn’t suck at all.

If there is something i am totally impressed with, is the client service they offer. It’s outstanding!

Maybe is because Asian people have a different approach to the “service provider-client” relationships or maybe is because WpWebHost chooses to have the highest standards…i don’t know….but whatever the reason, my first experience with them was entirely pleasant.

Not only they will help you with the migration and whatever needs you might have , they also answer so fast that you, as a client, have to keep up with them.

I am not exaggerating.

freedome planIf you are looking for a webhost, a good webhost, look no further.
Stop by WpWebHost.com, check out what they have to offer, ask your questions and then decide.

If you wish to check out some of their clients, then follow this link: WpWebHost Customers.

I want to thank  WpThemeDesigner ChiQ for posting the 30% off code when signing up with wpwebhost.com. It sure served me well.

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