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WordPress comments and social login plugins

Don’t you think that it’s a bit weird these days to not have installed on your blog/website a commenting system?

It is to me and and i don’t leave a comment when i visit a website without a commenting system.
Why? Because i hate filling in forms and most of you hate that too.

It’s a lot easier and faster to leave a comment when you have one of the apps/plugins like the ones i listed below because all it takes to login is a button and you’re good to leave a comment, to interact, whether you login with Twiter, Facebook or other social media website. 
A social commenting system is a lot friendlier and it’s a must these days. But, it’s up to you to ease up the form filling on your visitors or not.

Should you decide to join the friendly crowd, here are 3 comment system plugins for WordPress (also available on other platforms) that you can choose from:



With LoginRadius, your users can log in with their existing IDs such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, etc. and also share your content in their social networks. This will also remove all the hassle of registration and the chore of remembering another set of username and password.

I haven’t tried yet this plugin – even though i installed it – but i think it’s quite useful.
Besides being able to login into your WordPress with it, you can also use it as a commenting system.

Download LoginRadius from WordPress or visit LoginRadius for more info and sign up.


Livefyre Realtime Comments

Livefyre Comments 3 replaces your default comments with real-time conversations. Our social integration features make it easy to capture all the conversations going on about your posts across Twitter and Facebook, and pull your friends into the conversation.

I tried this plugin. It’s very easy to configure and it loads on pages and posts very fast. It’s simple and clean and i love that about it but the feature i like most is that you can add in your comment the “@”name of your friend and list them in the conversation.
It’s the only one so far that has this lovely feature.

Downlowd LiveFyre from WordPress of visit


Disqus Comment System

Beautiful, real-time, engaging discussions for your website. With a few quick steps, you can turn your old comment system into a new way to engage your visitors. From small blogs to massive websites, Disqus is the easiest way to build active communities.

I prefer this plugin more than the other two and it’s not because it is more special, but because i used it for some years and i got used to it.


Download Disqus from WordPress of visit