When loading a disc in your Xbox 360 console, the disc spins but is not reading

When i thought i had every Xbox 360 error, another one came along.When loading a disc in your Xbox 360 console, the disc spins but is not reading

The problem:
When loading a game into my 360, the disc spins for a second then stops. From displaying “Reading” it quickly changes to “Open tray”.

Possible causes:
1) There’s a problem with the console
2) There’s a problem with the hard drive
3) There’s a problem with the disc player – the laser got lazy

Possible solutions:

If you only have the problem above – NO screen freezing, No lights flashing – and you’ve already tried spinning several games, then try the following:

Solution 1:

1) Shut down your 360.
2) Detach the hard drive.
3) With the hard drive off, power up your 360.
4) Put a game in.
If the game spins and starts playing, then you have a hard drive related problem.

5) If that’s the case, then there’s a 90% chance that your 360 will spin the games again with the hard drive reattached, so power down, put the hard drive back in, power back on and start the game.

Now that is powered up with a hard drive attached and it spins again, your problem is solved. If not, see solution 2.
Don’t ask me why it happens because i can’t give you an answer. I can only give you a fix.

You might want to try a cache cleaning as well. See the procedure at the bottom of this post.

Solution 2:

Repeat the first 4 steps from the above solution.
If the game doesn’t spin with the hard drive detached, then you have a console or a disc player issue.
Try cleaning the disc with a soft cloth and try again.

Not working? Call Microsoft and send it in for repairs.

Cleaning your 360’s cache:
Go to your Dashboard, System , Memory and then Hard Drive.
Highlight the drive and press Y for the options.
Now press X, X, LB, RB, X, X.
Now confirm the system maintenance and follow the steps on the screen.

If you want a more detailed walkthrough of how to clear the cache, see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971755/ .


Extra note: Microsoft does not recommend using a laser cleaner to fix this issue, but if any of you tried it and it worked, do let us know.