To my readers

On 10 January, 2011 by Carol

I know that you guys are used with getting freeware, open-source, online apps and Xbox related content on my blog and i also know that some of you probably don’t enjoy my politics entries.
If you do not wish to see Politics from my blog on your newsfeed or in your mailbox, please email me.

In the mean time, i will try to find another solution to separate my both passions.

I apologize for any inconvenience.



To solve this “conflict’ , I have started a new blog at and i will post there all my political opinions and whatever personal thoughts i have. I will also move there all my entries under “Politics'” tag , so i can keep this blog focused on tech related stuff.

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  • Cecilieaux

    Thought you’d like to hear from someone who was pleased to see, when you last veered off techie stuff, that you have more than one dimension. The other blog is probably a good idea and I look forward to subscribing to that one, too.

    • Carol

      Hahaha! You just made me smile. Thanks, Cecil.

      For some odd reason, i didn’t realized how off i went until a reader pointed that out.

      Politics and Freeware don’t mix well.

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