Things I’ve learned or I’ve been taught : Feelings

On 5 June, 2009 by Carol

After a significant absence from the blogosphere due to blogger’s block and some other reasons, i came to a conclusion that if i don’t write about the other subjects that interest me a lot instead of only tech stuff, then i will run out of ideas and have break after break.

There’s a lot of tech to talk about, but it is not all that interest me. As from now i will have two extra categories: “Things I’ve learned” and “ Things I’ve been taught” .

I always found it hard to talk about my personal feelings on my blog and when i did it, i took the entries off in no time.

Maybe it’s time to change that – because changes are good – and start ranting.

Us and the ones around us

Image by Eliara

The number one thing i learned was to voice my feelings no matter what others think. If their feelings are important, mine are too. But what’s more important in this lesson is to be very considerate to everyone’s feelings even if you don’t like them. It’s called being an adult.

Now i will learn to write my feelings down.

Then I’ve learned that no matter who you think you are, no matter the intellectual level or your social position, your money… you will always depend on your peers, your friends.

They make you who you are – like it or not – and approve you or dismiss you, they help you or bring you down based on the way you make them feel.
What you do to them, they might do to you one day.
Being kind to those around you is not only healthy, but is what makes you a better person.
Be kind by default.

I’ve learned this, and then i learned some more….

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