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We, the freeware lovers, are always looking for the best freeware around the net. We put lots of hours in finding a good app, we test it, then we blog about it and we love doing that.

We, the freeware lovers, like to help people like you and we do it with lots of pleasure…. You get a fair and honest freeware review or recommendation from us, and we get a kick out of it.

Here is a post dedicate to the freeware finders, to the people behind the screens hunting for goodies so you don’t have to, and here are the the best freeware websites on the internet:

Gizmo’s Freeware Reviews – you guys have been my inspiration many times and i thank you for all the good work you have done with your freeware lists, tips and tricks.

Gizmos Freeware Reviews

Bear Bottoms Freeware – Bear, i always knew that you’ll turn your website into an outstanding freeware catalog. You have done an amazing job and i hope you’ll keep the good work coming.

Bearware - Only the best freeware

Freewaregenius – You are truly a genius. I am keeping an eye on you. On your freeware, that is… 😀


I Love Free Software – Oh yes, you do love your free software and i love them too.

I love free software

Osalt – Open Source lovers around the world are drooling over this website. If you believe in true freeware, this is the place to go to.

open source alternatives

Freewaregeeks – They call themselves  “The True Free Software Directory” and they have earned that title. This freeware website is gem.

Freeware Geeks

Opensourcewindows – Open Source your Windows with the software listed on this website. They have the best collection of open source alternatives to Windows software.

Open Source Windows

Freewaremission – Need freeware , program reviews or downloads? That’s a place to visit daily. Or get their feed.


Freeware-guide – Daily news of freeware updates, Program of the Month, Top 10 Freeware, Freeware links, Featured Freeware.

Freeware Guide

If you ever find yourself in need of a good freeware and don’t feel like searching yourself, i am sure that one of the websites above will help you find it.
Enjoy it!


  • Rhiannon

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks for the kind words, it’s always a treat to hear we’re helping people. Thanks for the work you do here, I’m a frequent visitor. 🙂
    Rhiannon @Gizmo’s Freeware.

    • Thank you as well, Rhiannon.
      I am a frequent visitor on Gizmo’s too. 🙂