Splinter Cell: Conviction – Sam is back with shorter hair and sexier than ever

Early this morning i saw a new trailer of Splinter Cell: Conviction and i can’t even begin to tell you how excited and happy i was to see that the game makers are giving us back the old Sam…the Sam with short hair that is. Still mean, still gray and so much sexier.

sam2 Splinter Cell: Conviction   Sam is back with shorter hair and sexier than ever

His face features are somehow different. His new hair style and the beard doesn’t really make him look like a rebel but rather like a father seeking his daughter’s murder.

sam1 Splinter Cell: Conviction   Sam is back with shorter hair and sexier than ever

Because of the repeated delays and lack of news about Conviction, i started thinking that the game will not make it out anymore but  the game will come out this fall and people, i can’t wait to play it.

You can clearly see that the makes have done a lot of extra work and this game is surely one worth waiting for.

So Splinter Cell lovers, Sam is back so prepare yourself. It’s going to be awesome.

scc e3 sig 2 Splinter Cell: Conviction   Sam is back with shorter hair and sexier than ever

Extra Content:

Conviction will come out for Xbox 360 and PC only.
ING.com screenshots
GameTrailers.com Conviction trailers

Possible fix – Can't join a friend's game on Xbox 360

360 1 Possible fix   Can't join a friend's game on Xbox 360

This issue really kills me, so i went through some forums after reading something about “pings“.
Considering that the issue is to connect to another friend’s game or chat, it is only logic that this is a network related problem.

According to the guys from TeamXlink.co.uk – see this threadAll 360 games have a ping limit on them that won’t allow you to join the game if the host’s ping is over 30ms to you.” -”you can help your ping by closing all other apps that use the internet .. msn, aim, torrents etc ..”

If you, for instance, are only allowed to use 1 connection – 1 IP that is, you must indeed close all other apps. In fact, keep your computer offline while playing on the xbox live.

My ISP allows me to use 4 IP’s, which makes things easier. I also make sure that there isn’t any IP conflict between my devices.

So, the solution above is applicable to those gamers who are allowed to use 1 IP address, but if you are allowed to more than 1 and you still have the issue, try the fix anyway.

Hope this helps.

Can’t chat and play on Xbox Live – How many got this fixed?

Can’t chat and play on Xbox Live

This issue really gets to me, as we all have been trying to fix this since the beginning of 2007.

It is ridiculous that no one from Microsoft Support Center came up with a logical explanation for this and with a fix.
What’s more ridiculous is that i get the feeling that they are relying on the forums and bloggers to find the fix.
Ok, i get it, the crowds can share more, but the answers we get when calling or e-mailing MS for this very issue are just a waste of time.
Today, after getting one other comment asking for help, i decided to make a checklist and look at this from a different angle. Continue reading

xBox 360 games keep updating

6199339 4c6b338c10 o xBox 360 games keep updating

I am about to have just about every error on my 360, or better said my 360s.
My recent inconvenience is having my 360 prompting for an update for every game i put in to play, even though i just updated it.
And it keeps doing so.

The solution to get rid of this is to clean up your 360′s cache.
To do this, go to your Dashboard, System , Memory and then Hard Drive.
Highlight the drive and press Y for the options.
Now press X, X, LB, RB, X, X.
Now confirm the system maintenance and follow the steps on the screen.

This will clear all your updates, patches, addons and so on, but it will not damage or remove your game saves.
Once the process has been completed, restart your 360 and download again the maps, addons and whatever you might want.
Note: You should be able to “download again” all your updates, maps and games extensions without having to pay for them.

This is the fix that stops this issue (or bug)….or whatever this is.

xBox 360 number 5 will be gone soon

6024859 6593017359 o xBox 360 number 5 will be gone soon

OK, I know that there are over 10 million faulty 360′s out there, but why 5 of them have to be mine?

Here are 2 links to my past experiences with my other 360′s:
xBox 360 number 4 will be gone soon
To play this game put it into a xBox 360 console

Yesterday evening i started up my 360 – which a few hours before that worked just fine – only to get the 4 rings of death.
If all quadrants are flashing red, then there is a problem with one of the cables, either the power brick one or the AV cable.
And so last night i went through the whole troubleshooting steps: powered down my 360, unplugged the cables, cleaned the metal head on the AV cable….tried again….and some more.
Today, my boyfriend got me a friend’s cables and tried them too but i got the same error.

Hold on now! This ain’t right! I looked again to it, but the up right quadrant didn’t flash. It appeared to be red though. Crap! Continue reading