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zeZebra – Share files of any size free

zeZebra – Share files of any size free, to anyone, anywhere


I’ve blogged a while back about zeZebra but my short description of it doesn’t do justice to this amazing freeware.

What is zeZebra?

zeZebra is a file sharing tool that helps you send and receive any type of digital media of any size, to and from anywhere across the Internet, for free.

The process is very simple and straightforward; you drag and drop the file you wish to send and you will be provided with a link to share.
This link can be shared via the social networks or you can simply send it by email.

zezebra share zeZebra   Share files of any size free

You can send the files not only to the people having a zeZebra account, but to those who haven’t too, as well as to many people at once.
The files you share expire when you choose to, so as long as the link to that file hasn’t been deleted, it will stay active until you choose otherwise.

zezebra share to zeZebra   Share files of any size free

And how about the privacy and security of your files?

  privacy zeZebra   Share files of any size free

As you can see, this app is simple but powerful and delivers a lot more than all the other sharing apps combined.

Available platforms
zeZebra is available as app for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone and it’s very light. The CPU usage is very, very low.

Extra goodies
There are 2 plugins attached to it: one is  for Outlook which lets you attach large files and one is for Picasa.

Have fun!

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Drag, drop and share files with Minus.com


Minus  is an online file storage that allows you to drag, drop and share files such as: images, videos, music and other types of files fast – and i really mean that.
You can store your files privately or publicly.  The upload limit per file is 2GB and the storage space is 10 BG + unlimited downloads.

Minus comes equipped with a desktop app, Firefox and Chrome extensions, Chrome app, Mobile app and some open-source goodies…. and everything is manageable from the dashboard.

jbbO8dG2BK6lrn Drag, drop and share files with Minus.com

Enjoy it!

Found via : Tech Support Alert

Moovida – Bring the best of internet video, music and images to your HDTV, laptop or PC

Moovida formerly known as Elisa Media Center – is an open source media center and it is far from ordinary.
Packed with dozens of features and plugins, this app has just become my favorite one.

internet images flickr2 Moovida   Bring the best of internet video, music and images to your HDTV, laptop or PC

It’s beautiful and elegant.
You can watch movies and tv series, view your pictures, manage your music, and get connected through the through the available plugins as following:
Movies and TV series: YouTube, Balzac, Onion News Network, TED, Game Trailers, Powell Skateboard Video podcast, Discovery Channel News, Apple Movie Trailers, Qik Mobile Videos, RTBF, Flemish TV
Music: Shoutcast, Grooveshark, Yes.fm, Jamendo
Pictures: Flickr, Deviantart

All you need to do is install it and enjoy it.

| Screenshots | Full feature list | Plugins | Download |

Available for Windows and Linux.

[Update] Free online file storage

software update icon 512x512 [Update] Free online file storage

I’ve updated the “Free online file storage” entry.

Added: Adrive, Skydrive, Humyo, FileCube, Yuntaa.

Go check it out!