Online storage services still around

I’ve blogged before about online storage services, but as we all know, service come and go.
Last time i checked the links on my other posts, at least 5 of them were down or changed.
Here are some of the services that survived:

Service Space Upload per file
Adrive 50 GB None 1 GB 25MB 100MB per file 100MB
Dropbox 2 GB None
eSnips 5 GB NA
FileQube 2GB 50MB
Gigasize Unlimited 300MB
Humyo 10GB None
MediaFire Unlimited 100BM
Skydrive 25 GB 50MB
File Drop Upload
FileDropper 5BG per file
Senduit 100MB per file
StreamFile 150MB per file
YouSendIt 100 per file


Dropsend Lite :
2GB File Support
5 Sends per Month

30+ File-share and drop bookmarks


  1. – 50GB of Free Online Storage & Backup
  3. DivShare
  4. – free legal forms and business templates
  5. Driveway – Online File Sharing – share files easily, extend Gmail, Yahoo and other email systems
  6. Dropbox – Account – Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.
  7. – drag, drop and share
  8. – 5GB of free space to upload and share your files, photos, videos and music
  9. File Dropper – The Simplest File Hosting Website Ever.
  10. File Qube

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[Update] Free online file storage

I’ve updated the “Free online file storage” entry.

Added: Adrive, Skydrive, Humyo, FileCube, Yuntaa.

Go check it out!