Surf without a trace with Epic Browser

On 26 December, 2013 by Carol

Surf without a trace with Epic Browser

Update 13 January 2013: For the U.K. users, this browser will not work to bypass
Recent laws in the U.K. prohibits and blocks users from accessing such content.End update

If security and privacy are a concern to you then Epic Browser is the must-have.
And why? Because with Epic, your surfing and searching will be private.

The tools that i have used so far for privacy are a bunch of Firefox Addons and even a separate TOR Browser but Epic seems to beat all the tools i use.
Why again? Because is private, fast, secure, encrypted, it routes your searches through its proxy and so much more.

Besides protection, and because the IP settings, people outside the United States will be able to access websites such as

For more information, visit Epic:

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