Speed Up Slow Computer With Kingsoft PC Doctor

On 24 September, 2012 by Carol

Kingsoft PC Doctor is a software (freeware) designed to optimize and speed up the start-up of any machine running Windows.

The cleaner has a great privacy, registry and junk cleaning feature and a build-in uninstaller.
Aside from the cleaning tools, you can also scan your machine for big files and see which ones takes most space.

The optimizer helps you scan your machine for contents that can and should be optimized and the start-up booster lets you enable, disable or delay start-up items, services and tasks.
The “Onekey Optimizer” will do the initial scan for you and will optimize and fix all found errors.

After that, you can freely enable or disable start-up items, assuming you know what you are doing.
If in doubt, just let the OneKey optimizer do the job for you.

Kingsoft PC Doctor

Kingsoft PC Doctor

My personal experience with Kingsoft PC Doctor has been great so far.
A friend of mine asked me if i could fix her 2 daughters laptops, which they were extremely slow and after some manual changes i decided to install this freeware so they can use it by themselves in the future.
Mind you that after the first run, the start-up on both laptops dropped from minutes of booting time to 39 and respectively 46 seconds and the overall system performance was amazing.

And so i decided to install it on 2 of my own laptops and my tower – which had some serious lag time to boot up due to way too many installed software, running services, active tasks and hooked up hardware.

If there are many devices connected to your machine and you want a fast start-up, then you might one to unplug some of them and plug them back in when it’s necessary.

This freeware is great and i highly recommend it, but please, if you are an inexperienced user, don’t try to change things manually if you don’t know what you are doing.

Enjoy it!

Download Version:      Size: 5.30MB

Update: 2012.4.11        Language: English

Support: Win7/Vista/(32/64bit)/XP(32bit)

Download Kingsoft PC Doctor 3.3 (Anti-malware included)

Speed Up Slow Computer With Kingsoft PC Doctor – Best Free Registry Cleaner Download.

The installation file itself is a nagware as it will aks the user to install the Kingsoft office – which looks really good and it’s free – and Kingsoft anti-virus – which i suggest you do not install.
Just keep saying no to the other installation until the file you actually need will open up on your screen…unless you want to install them.
One commenter (and friend) suggested i let you all know about this, else you’ll end-up with a bunch of things you didn’t ask for.

Thanks for pointing that out, Cecil.

  • Cecilieaux

    I tried it, as I find we share computer biases. It does speed up startup, which was what I needed. The program uses brute force to do so and a careful user might want to check if some essential little tool one likes always on gets kicked off the list. It’s very easy to adjust back and it does scrub a lot of nonsense out.

    Do warn folks that if you’re not careful when you install, you end up with a new start page, toolbar and their office suite, which seems fine but it was not what I wanted at the moment.

    Thanks, as always, Carol!

    • http://www.carolsvault.com/ Carol

      You are right, Cecil. I added the warning about that. I tested it so far
      on 6 laptops and 2 towers and it doesn’t interfere with anything but
      the junk and useless services.
      I can classify this as safe to use for rookies if they just let the app do the job for them.

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