SOPA and PIPA explained at Khan Academy

On 22 January, 2012 by Carol

This is a deep analysis of the PIPA and SOPA acts done at Khan Academy and it explains what can actually happen to you or anyone for that matter under those laws.

It’s very well explained, simple and in my opinion there is no exaggeration involved.
Looking at the act’s wording, it seem to me that half of the Internet users could get in trouble – in or outside the U.S. – just because the entertainment industry in America wants to. Someone seems to be lobbying really hard for those two laws to pass.

At the moment, the law is on stand-by, and even though many senators found the wisdom to pull back, those for it will come back.

There is no real working strategy on shutting down piracy the right way because nobody wants to actually work on it.
The aim is usually to catch and sue and that’s what PIPA and SOPA are for.
That’s one horrible way to do it considering that the alternative would be to make your services as accessible as possible and lower your prices so the average Joe would choose to buy them instead of pirate them.
If Joe can’t afford to buy games or movies, then piracy would be his other alternative.

Now, you might wonder: “What’s this got to do with your website and the topics you write about?”
Well, everything. I write about a lot of stuff, mainly freeware such as youtube converters, which might be categorizing me as an “enabler”. There are some programs that are copying each other’s code and i might not know who stole from whom.

Now how am I at fault if i don’t know who copied who?

Mind you, i do not approve piracy in any way, and i think some intellectual properties are worth defending, but some “intellectual” properties are making me laugh so hard that only the thought of pirating them makes want to take off this planet. Yes, they are that bad and there’s nothing intellectual about them. The examples on this one comes by thousands in movies and music or games.

And shutting down a website because someone posted a link to a video of Justin Bieber (yaykes and no offense) in there, seems like a good but painful parody. is about freeware, helping those who can’t afford to buy software. So the idea behind my website is to minimize piracy on every way possible by giving you an option that is free versus one that is very expensive and can easily be pirated. That’s one reason i don’t charge for anything nor put ads on my blog. My blog that can easily be targeted by software companies who don’t like freeware. Just a thought… They could do the same. Find alternatives that work instead of spending tax-payers money for insane ideas.

PIPA and SOPA are assuming that every customer/user is a potential thief and because a big part of my current job is sales, I certainly know more about customers, their needs and budgets than the people coming with crazy laws like these ones. It’s simply spooky!

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