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On 12 December, 2010 by Carol

Skloog. com is a user-friendly bookmarking tool that lets you add shortcuts to all your favorite websites.
It’s light, easy to navigate, easy to add and remove your bookmarks and quite simply organized.

From the website:

The web puts a world of information at your fingertips; Skloog puts it in your pocket!

Using Skloog, you can easily create shortcuts, bookmark pages, organize and arrange all of this information so that you can access it instantaneously.

Combining cutting-edge technology with incredible user-friendliness, Skloog is everyone’s Favorite Site!

On a side-note, regarding the “user-friendliness” : i didn’t see the orange sign-up button. It took me 5 attempts to finally see it, even though it’s right there, up on the right corner. I think it should be green. Just my opinion….

via – Visual bookmarking made easy.

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