free cloud storage
All the services below are free cloud storage services that will help you store, organize, and share data via the Internet. Some of them will keep your files until you decide to delete them, some others have an expiry date.

The first 5 are the services that i see as reliable and i believe they are here to stay. The rest, i am sot so sure about.


Cloud Storage Max
SkyDrive 7GB 2GB
Google drive 5GB 2GB
Amazon Cloud Drive 5GB 2GB 5GB 250 MB
DropBox* 2GB No limit
Other Clouds    
FileLocker 25GB 2GB via Flash
25MB drag&drop
iDrive* 2GB 500MB
MegaCloud * 8GB Via
Adrive 50GB 2GB
MediaFire 50BG 200MB Basic

* My referral link

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