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On 28 December, 2006 by Carol

Part One – Looks and Easy access

As any other woman ,i care a lot about looks and appearances.But this time it isn’t about women.
It’s about making that Windows look good at no cost at all.
With no doubt most users will agree with me when i say that the classic Windows style is very boring and ugly.
Your Windows probably looks good already but boys are messy so have a look and see if you can improve.

Let’s get our tools and get started.
It won’t look girlie. I promise!

1° Skin it
BricoPacks will change the way Windows feel and looks.
The pack has it all in one and it will install with icons, cursors ,logon skin, RocketDock, YzToolbar….
You have the option to go for the following skins :
Vista Look
Longhorn Look
Crystal Clear

Choose your pack , download it and run it.
Choose the components you want to install (all of them).
The installation will take few minutes so sit back and relax.
When the installation is done,reboot your computer.
Looks beautiful,huh?
We’re done here.
Notice:The packs are clean ,they cause no problems at the start up and won’t use any resources (except the Rocket Dock).

2° Map it and Clean it
The icons coming with the Brico Packs are very beautiful but if you don’t like them you can download and install IconTweaker and make the change.
If you are a freak like me with tons of maps, you’ll want to mark your most important folders so they can be more visible( docs, downloads, music, videos .etc).

For example, on my desktop i have 7 maps and each and every one of them are having a different icon and different colors.
All my desktop icons (shortcuts) have been organized by type ,ex: photo software, tools, tweaks, fun, web tools.
The icons have been placed in the those 7 maps so i can avoid a cluttered desktop and to have easy access to what i need.
If you haven’t done that yet, then it’s time to do it. Now!
Don’t use the cleanup wizard. Just drag and drop them into the folders.

Time to download FolderIco or IcolorFolder .
You can download them both if you wish, because the icons are different.
When they are installed, right click on one of your maps and choose (if they’re both installed) Color Label or FolderIco and you know what to do from here.

One more thing: Get rid off those sticky notes on your desktop. It makes it look messy.
Take instead a notebook and write down your TO Do’s and whatever else.

3° Wallpaper it
Well, here there isn’t much to say as it is up to you what to use.
There are lots of nice wallpapers here.

4° Sort it
Go to Start, All Programs and right click on one of your items, then click Sort By Name.
Now it will be very easy to find your way through your files.

Extra :
If you download your software to your desktop, then it’s time to change that.
Make a folder called Downloads into your “My Documents” folder and download them there.
A cluttered desktop contributes to a slow start up of your computer.

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