Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – The "love it or hate it" game

On 13 October, 2009 by Carol

Image source: Eurogamer.net
From all the games i played so far, no game pissed me off more than “Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising“.

This almost realistic military simulation game is  beautiful but brutal.
It’s a hard game to play – even on normal mode – and i am not talking about the tactics and strategy. I am talking about the way it’s been made. It is so tense to play that my heart is doing double time on pumping blood.

I am fine with the “one bullet in the head and you’re offline” because it gives a realistic feeling to the game BUT I can barely see the enemy through my sniper’s scope and i blame it on the weapons, the way they have been designed.

Because of that, only because i am given useless weapons that can’t help me spot the enemy, playing this beautiful game is a hassle.

On other games like Rainbow 6, which has amazing weapons, or GRAW, it’s a pleasure to pick up your weapon and storm the fields. Not in this one.

It’s not the type of game i would spend my late nights playing over and over again with my friends because this game was not made for me or for many of my friends. This game was made for people with military experience.

Codemasters, you have done an amazing job, but there’s no cookie to encourage me to even finish this game in normal mode and not because of how hard it is, but again, because my rifle scope sucks.

Silly, huh?

Maybe it’s not nice to make short and mean reviews, but this is how i feel about it.

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