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On 19 June, 2009 by Carol

OneBip – Pay simply– Pay by mobile phone. No credit card or bank account required.

I haven’t seen yet a service like this one, though i know about this payment method which is apparently very popular in Japan.

How does it work?

If you don’t want to pay online with your credit card or don’t want to use a PayPal account, then you can use your mobile phone’s credit to make your payments. Pay-as-you-go or SMS payments.

You basically create an account, add your phone number – of course you must check to see if your mobile carrier is supported – and start paying. You will then receive a free text message to confirm your account.

It sounds pretty simple and i am sure it is.
OneBip can be used by anyone who wants to shop online. Contract and prepaid mobile phones are accepted.

As a business owner, blog owner or any sales you want to make, you can use OneBip to accept payments or donations.

Here’s a demo on how OneBip works.

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