My word!!! Please, don’t be rude!

On 22 March, 2010 by Carol
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I sometimes have this urge to go around screaming at people, but my good manners and consideration for their feelings stop me from doing that.

It wouldn’t be just aggressive, but rude too. This urge kicks in when i see rude people. But, to spare my vocal cords, i just stare at them until i forget why i wanted to scream.

Here are just a few things that are rude and annoying: eating with your mouth wide open, morally injuring others, gossiping/ talking behind their backs, making nasty comments, not greeting, not keeping your word/promise,  accusing people of having poor knowledge aka calling them dumb or stupid, undermining one’s credibility in front of others, laughing at poor/homeless people…and this one is not only rude, but heartless too.

It’s a long list with things that many of us consider to be rude and i am sure we are all guilty of one or two.

But i wonder sometimes about what’s going through rude people’s head when they’re being rude? Do they get a kick on that?
Do they see themselves as being taller or superior? Why do they do it?

Being disrespectful to others and their feelings is nothing superior. On the contrary; it’s primitive behavior or just personal frustration being dumped on others. Not cool!

Either way, it’s a nasty behavior.

You know what else is rude? Encouraging others to be rude.

If you are rude at work to your co-workers, be sure that your behaviour has already caused someone to either dislike you or stop being productive.  You need to dig on this one on your own. Yes, people stop being productive and start hating their work-place because of rude people.
If you use your work-place to be rude, then shame on you! You should be getting paid to work, not depress others.

If you’re rude to others just because you can, chew on this: they probably can be rude too, but they don’t want to level up.
And trust me on this, nobody likes rude people and nobody ever will.

There are fewer things i hate in life, and rudeness is one of them.

I just had to blog about this. Is off my chest now!

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