MultiMi is a cool new desktop app that makes sharing and socializing across your email accounts and social networks a breeze.

You know what? It really does make things easier.

MultiMi (a co-op between AVG and Zbang)  is a product that aims to bring all your social networks and email accounts in one place. Even better, it’s customizable and it can really simplify your online experience. It is overall very organized, neat, clean and very impressive.

The idea of putting all these apps together was used by others, but many failed either because of lack of vision for the apps or not enough support to go on.
Companies like AVG can afford to take a leap of faith with such an app and bring it to the next level. This app has a clear purpose and a security lock. For instance, all the links you receive are scanned by AVG.

So what can you do with it?
First of all, you get to bring all your social apps together like a centralized dashboard. Once you’ve added all your networks, the fun begins.
You can keep track of your meetings and other occasions,browse through your Picasa, Facebook and Flickr images, answer your emails, Twitter DM’s, Facebook and LinkedIn messages, add and edit documents, watch YouTube videos, send emails, drag and drop attachments, chat…and so much more.

I usually am skeptical about these apps because they usually crash, stay too long on Beta, raise the CPU way to high… I can understand why most people aren’t jumping for joy when an app like this comes along, but, this isn’t just any app so i am giving it a shot to see how it goes.

The CPU consumption of MultiMi is quite high and so far it only crashed on me once. One can only hope that once it is out of Beta will  perform better.

The way i see it, MultiMi is a dashboard to rule them all. I like it!

Platform: Windows Vista and 7

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  • Paul Simon

    Howdy, found your post from a friend’s post. I’m always a bit worried when I see all-in-one products, but after reading  your review I tried it out for myself. This is one case when it does what it says, and then some. I’m pretty impressed and hope it stays free or low cost once it goes live. Thanks for the find!

    • Thanks for your comment, Paul.

      Totally agree on all-in-one products, but i did try a few and they are good. 

      As for the app staying free…i don’t think they will charge people for it. Well, at least i don’t see why when there are others that can become the same.