Massage Therapy Styles: all about massage

On 19 August, 2010 by Carol

I seriously didn’t know that there are about 80 massage therapy styles and i want to try every one of them. I love massage…a good massage.

Everybody loves massages and if you think i am exaggerating, ask anyone and see what they say.

Whether is a back, foot or head massage, it won’t only do miracles and relax the daylights out of you, but it also stimulates your blood flow and adds to your overall health.

Studies after studies show the benefits of pain relief after a massage, but if you had one when you had a back pain or a headache, you already know what i am talking about and that the studies are accurate.

Anyways…the below link points you to a detailed article about massage therapy, styles and its benefits.
Take a moment to read through. You might end-up with an appointment for a back massage by the end of the week. :)

Read on Massage Therapy Styles and Health Benefits.

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