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On 15 January, 2012 by Carol

HappyToDos is a free full-featured cloud based project management application that lets you manage your projects from anywhere, anytime. Its interface is colorful, fun and very user-friendly and signing up is hassle-free.

This application is easy to learn and unlike the huge and complicated PM software, this one give you the freedom to get access to all your data, including projects overview, milestones, tasks and deadlines in a clean and neat report overview.
Assigning and working on your projects is quite easy and if you need to makes changes to any of the tasks or milestones you can always add a note to it and have people working on it automatically be notified by email.

Using this web-based application instead of a software will turn out to be exactly what you need if you want to have a look at your work from another computer for any reason. Your data will always be accessible to you anywhere you are.

I’ve actually enjoyed testing this app, and even though my test project is a really small one, I am sure that it can handle heavy and complicated projects without problems.

And one last thing…using HappyToDos will turn out to be very cost-effective.
From the website:
HappyToDos….allows you to manage time efficiently, manage resources under your control and assign and delegate tasks, reassign tasks and add or delete tasks and all managed in one application so changes made filter across the entire project. The simplified work methodology of HappyTodos intuitively enables you to keep focus, reduce stress, procrastination and improve your feeling of achievement at the end of the day.
HappyToDos offers extra management tips on their blog so be sure to read them as well.

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    Asana is a much better app. 😉

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