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Habutik is a website similar to the US-operated site The website enables independent designers, artists and artisans to market their wares to local markets.

The Habutik engine is incredibly flexible, and can be adjusted to fit any language, format, and is in continuous development, so there are plenty of upcoming new features.

At the moment, Habutik operates in Israel, with nearly 100 shops and thousands of people browsing the items every month.

There’s a huge benefit for shop owners, as opening and managing shops is FREE, no matter the amount of products. Habutik takes on all the advertising concerns, driving traffic to each shop and product.

What’s in it for us? We make money from sales. When an item is sold via Habutik, we take a small percentage – 3.5% of the total worth of each sale.

What’s in it for you? Well, we are looking to introduce Habutik to overseas markets in Europe. We believe that having a local website, in the local language, will be far more lucrative to shop owners than having opening a shop elsewhere. We will provide the back-end, technical support and hosting, of course.

We are looking for someone to promote the website, advertise if and where it is necessary, talk to prospective customers and people who will want to create shops – in short, manage the marketing side in your country.

All profit from the local Habutik branch will be split between the team here and you.

Want to discuss more details? Contact me at

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