It is a known fact that at a certain age a woman’s body will start acting differently and one of those acts is fighting with some extra kilograms. Ladies, you know what i am talking about.

This post will not be about fat. It will be about water. Body water retention.

Some of my friends know that i never sweat. I have been in the hottest sauna’s, in the hottest sun, the warmest room…i have exercised  till i almost fainted, only to see no more than 3 sweat drops. That’s how much i sweat and boy was i happy to see them!

Now i know what you are thinking. You think i am lucky that i don’t have to put up with all that sweat in the summer, but mind you, not sweating is a curse.

When spring hits the calendar and the sun starts burning, like everyone else, i get thirsty and here’s where all the trouble begins.
By not sweating i am not able to eliminate the water excess and my body is retaining the fluid.
Urinating becomes an issue and by the time i realize that i am just going through that phase i can already see that i am about 2-3 kilograms heavier than usual.
And people, those kilograms are not fat…they are water.

It’s also not pleasant the way i feel when retaining the fluid and after doing some research on this i found out that there are certain natural diuretics that will help.
So i decided that if i can sweat it, i will flush it.

The so called “water pills” are available almost everywhere, but you don’t want to depend on them every time you’re facing this. Plus, some of them have secondary effects that could trigger some other issues while you flush that water.

f you’re suffer from water retention-low to mild form- then you should keep on reading the following. If you’re not, take a note because you’ll probably suffer from it too.

This will not replace your doctor’s advice. If you are struggling, do visit an expert. Please do not confuse this with Edema.

The first thing to do is to quit the junk, then minimize your salt intake and start eating some of the fruits and vegetables – herbs as well –  that can act as natural diuretics. I will make a short list a bit later.
The second thing is to keep on drinking water and start drinking green tea – lots of it. Adding lemon into the water can help too.
Last but not least, maximize your potassium intake to help eliminate the excess fluid.

So, let’s start with the healthy list of natural diuretics. I will link some of them to some cooking web sites in case you’re interested to find some great recipes.

Asparagus, bananas, celery, watermelon, cabbage, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, chives, mangoes, pumpkins – do not overcook , radishes, cranberry, peaches, parsley, turnips, collard greens, fennel, oranges, carrots, tomatoes, onions, dandelion.
If you’d like to check their vitamin levels, head out to World Healthiest Foods list. While there, check out the essential nutrients list.

Consider this as a type of diet, a diet that can help you flush away the toxins along with the water excess.

Aside the fruits, vegetables and herbs, another natural diuretic is coffee, but try not to overdose yourself.

Before i close this entry, i must warn you that some of those natural diuretics will make you visit the little girl’s room numerous times, so choose wisely when you consume that watermelon. 🙂

Remember that nothing beats Mother Nature and you shouldn’t expect  miraculous results from the first days. Your body needs time to repair itself, repair the broken tissues so take it easy and be patient.
At the same time, do not expect this to be a one time diet with long lasting results.

If you have any other tips, please share.

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