Getting 404 error on all wordpress pages

On 9 January, 2013 by Carol

404 error on all pages

WordPress 404 error on all pages

Have you ever had all your WordPress posts and pages turning 404? All of them?
No? I just had them and i freaked out till i realized that it is actually a very fast and easy way to fix it: rewrite the rules on the .htaccess and you’re good to go.

It happened after uninstalling W3 Total Cache and don’t get me wrong, i love this plugin, but it drives me insane sometimes.
I decided to go back to WP Super Cache and after removing the W3, i just ran into 404 posts on my blog.
After removing the dropin php files left over from W3, i still had the error but the good thing about Total Cache is that it lets you rewrite them with a click.
If you run into the same error, don’t go blaming the developer. They all do their best and give their plugins away for free after investing lots of hours and energy to put into them.
Instead, before uninstalling caching plugins, make sure you don’t already have 404 pages. If you don’t, just rewrite the rules or simplify your .htaccess file with the code from the default WP installation.
 rewrite htaccess rules

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