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On 1 July, 2007 by Carol

These are some of the best free online file storage web sites:


  • 5 GB storage space – will be upgraded to 25 GB soon
  • Personal folders: Documents, Pictures, Favorites, Videos and Music
  • Shared folders
  • Public folders


  • 5GB storage for media files
  • 5GB storage for non media files
  • Access via web browser or mobile phone
  • Files must be accessed at least once a month


  • FREE 50GB Online Storage
  • Cloud Storage
  • Upload & Store Files
  • Access Files Anywhere
  • Share Files
  • Edit Documents Online
  • Remote File Transfer
  • Desktop Backup Client


  • 2GB free for remote file access
  • Web file manager
  • Shared web folders
  • Added security
  • Cool widgets


  • 1 GB storage
  • Upload/ Synchronize and Share
  • Online desktop and more…

  • 5 GB storage
  • 10 GB download per month
  • Files stay online forever
  • Drag-and-drop tools
  • File types: Image, Video and lots of other files
  • Integration with Facebook, WordPress, Iphone.
  • API

  • Unlimited files – 600 MB per file
  • 45 days storage (on accounts)
  • File types : Documents, Photos, Music, Video
  • File Organizer
  • Address book import

  • No image size limits!
  • Store up to 5GB of any digital media for free
  • Store files larger than 1GB!
  • File types : Any file type
  • Backup
  • Hotlinking

  • 5 GB free storage
  • Upload large files up to 1.5 GB large
  • No transfer limit for personal files
  • E-mail large files with ease
  • File types : Photos, videos, music and more

  • 5GB free storage
  • Promote and sell your work
  • File types: Images, Videos, Music, Links, Documents – will be shut down on January 2009

  • 1GB free space
  • File types : Images and Video

Tip from readers – Thanks Alex!

Except the fact that they spell Delete file as Delit file, their offer is really good.

  • Upload and store unlimited files on the web.
  • Access your files from any computers, any browser from anywhere
  • Back up your favorite music, videos, documents, pictures and more
  • Share with your friens quickly and easily


  • 5GB File Hosting.75MB per file, can host any file.Instant Activation, no waiting.
  • 99% of All Files Accepted.

MP3 Storage
MP3Crib – This service has been shut down

See few more file storage services on Best Free Online Storage .

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