Find your computer’s and wireless keys and some more with SterJo Software

On 15 December, 2012 by Carol

I’ve got some Windows goodies for you today, 5 little freeware which are also available as portable apps, are under 1MB and compatible with Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8.


Computer and Wireless keys

SterJo Key Finder – Recover your lost product keys

If you have forgotten or have lost your computer’s product keys, then this is one of the goodies that will help you our recover them and save them to a safe place. 
I think i will switch from Belarc to this one.



WirelessSterJo Wireless Passwords – Recover your lost wireless passwords

I have many keys and passwords, many of some 15 or more characters long – and even though i remember all of them, i also confuse them.  While on my browsers i get the help from my Last Pass extension, the wireless passwords are always a problem to me to remember. So from now on i will just extract them with this app.


NetworkSterJo NetStalker v.1.0

SterJo NetStalker is innovative and FREE security software able to detect all authorized and unauthorized connections to your computer and send you alert for each new connection.


Task_ManagerSterJo Task Manager – Alternative task manager for Windows

This is a good alternative to the Windows task manager because it shows a lot more information about the running tasks and services on your machine.

“Processes” gives you more details about each process and also could show the slowing down of the CPU with an option to terminate the process and retrieve the speed of the computer.


startupSterJo Startup Patrol – Monitor your Windows startup registry entries

View and disable startup items that are unnecessary and are slowing down your computer.
Such a step is very important in the maintenance process of every machine.
The software constantly tracks the new or modified startup registry and notifies if some changes appears.

If any application tries to put a startup registry on your system then the software will display the application with the following information: Section, Product Name, Product Description, Company, Version and Process Path.

So there you have them: 5 little freeware under 1MB that can help you recover your computer’s keys, your wireless keys, control the startup of your computer, manage and kill tasks and processes and detect authorized and unauthorized connections to your computer.

If you like the apps, please consider making a small donation to the developer.


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