Warning: FindZebra is a research project to be used only by medical professionals, not hypochondriacs or to self diagnose.

FindZebra is a search engine for difficult and rare medical cases intended for professional use only or general information.

What makes this search engine so special and good?

Say you want to find information on a rare disease and you go to Google — unless you have other sources — and do a search on it; you will not only get way too many results but many of them will not be from credible sources.

I opened one of the lists i have bookmarked on Rare Diseases or Syndromes – and A-Z list – and picked one: Alzheimer Disease

Google turned over 72,800,000 results and i really don’t have the time or the means to filter the relevant results and the only reputable website i can see, is Wikipedia.

alz google
Then i took my term into FindZebra (zebra is a medical slang which basically means diagnosis) and my results turned beautiful and clear.
THAT was all i needed.

This search engine was put together by 3 people at the Technical University of Denmark and was built with the purpose of  retrieving results only of rare medical cases/diseases.There are over over 31,000 medical articles from reputable sources on the internet and written by medical professionals or reviewed by medical associations.

See the University project: Rare Disease Information Retrieval and the rest of the technical information and purpose behind this engine.

From the website:

FindZebra is a specialised search engine supporting medical professionals in diagnosing difficult patient cases. Rare diseases are especially difficult to diagnose and this online medical search engines comes in support of medical personnel looking for diagnostic hypotheses. With a simple and consistent interface across all devices, it can be easily used as an aid tool at the time and place where medical decisions are made. The retrieved information is collected from reputable sources across the internet storing public medical articles on rare and genetic diseases.

FindZebra – a search engine for difficult and rare medical cases.

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