Finding inspiration on Twitter

On 23 August, 2009 by Carol

Before i start this, i must say that i am not a big twitter and i am not all that impress with the buzz and noise people make about it, but it turns out that it can be useful at times.

Lately, i found myself checking one particular person. He\’s name is Carl aka cgw3 and he is my favorite twitter so far.
The links he finds are impressive. Real goodies.

If you need anything related to web development, design in general, or some other goodies, he\’ll find you the best stuff around.

Just a few examples of his twitting activity:

21 Fonts That Shouldn\’t Be Free…But Are by Union Room Web Design Link
Plugins That Make WordPress Into A Company Intranet from Link
jCore – a Multi Site web Content Management System build especially for webmasters Link
25+ Tips and Tutorials of HTML & CSS Link
14 Easy to Implement Drop Down Menu Solutions from Web Design Ledger Link

And i could make a long list…

If you like his tweets, follow him. You\’ll love what he\’s got to offer. If you\’re a blogger, then you can sure have him as your inspiration source.

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