FileZilla is a free and completely portable FTP client. At around 10MB in folder size, you’ll hardly notice it on your USB drive.
This client supports multiple FTP accounts and when you have logged into an account once a “quick connect” option becomes available, which saves time typing in long FTP addresses.  One caveat with this is that because the client is portable, it is advisable to NOT store passwords of your FTP accounts unless your USB stick is encrypted or you keep your USB drive in a secure place at all times i.e. not on a desk when you’re away from the room.

Everything you would expect in an FTP client, Filezilla Portable has.  Uploading, download and changing file permissions is easy. To upload, you simply click on the required file in the left hand window (the local storage window) and this is uploaded to the directory of your website (displayed in the right hand window).  To download a file,  click on the required file in the right hand window.

There are other options available when you right click on a file or folder: create directory, add to queue, change permissions and more.

FileZilla is an easy to use client and suited to beginners and professionals alike.

It can also be used on your PC’s desktop, meaning no installation and registry mess to contend with.

Download FileZilla by clicking here.

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