Launched in private Alpha stage today, PhotoFinder is a face recognition application for Facebook build by an Israeli company – – intended to help you scan and find pictures that you or your friends have uploaded and haven’t been tagged yet.

If you’re like Arrington from or Robert Scoble ( famous with thousands of pictures that is), you probably have no idea how many untagged pictures of you have been uploaded to Facebook, so you’re probably curious to see them, to remember the events you’ve attended and people you’ve met.

And is not only the number of the pics you might want to find out about, but also maybe some embarrassing ones from parties. 😀

In my opinion, this app is the perfect one to get a hold of your images spread all over Facebook.

When i first heard about this application i was a little bit worried, but this app respects your privacy and only the pictures that are being uploaded to the public can be found. I tested it, so i can vouch for it.

The guys from have a very extensive explanation about this application and the company that build it, a quite interesting article which i really recommend you read it here.

They also had some invitations to this app but i bet they are off by now. But you know what? I have 20 invitations for you if you care to join. Take that Techcrunch!

Get your invitation here.

If you can’t get your invitation, please let me know and i’ll bribe someone there to give me another 20.

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