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On 5 May, 2012 by Carol
Christopher Chan / Foter

Have you ever had that feeling that you just want to run away from all the noise surrounding you and find a place where you can only listen to the sounds of nature?

Just imagine. No car engines, no city noise..nothing…just pure nature sounds.
A vacation into a sandy land where the sound of your breath or even the silence itself will probably hurt your ears will be a best place to start to totally escape the noise, or maybe a tropical forest where the sound of the rainforest plants and trees will brush your spirit and caress your senses. Or how about a camp fire in the middle of nowhere? Can you imagine yourself in one of those places surrounded by the sounds of nature only?

I often fire up my iPod and listen to my ThunderStorm sounds and imagine that i am right in the middle of that storm. It is a pleasant feeling.

Today i want to share with you a free app, FabRelax, that will help you escape the usual noise and will let you mix sounds such as rain (thunders), waves, fire, forest, birds and crickets according to your mood. It is still a beta version and it is at the moment available as a web app, Chrome app and soon it will be available for iPod.
There is probably more to come to it, but for now FabRelax does a lovely job as it is: it relaxes you.

So go ahead and try it and enjoy the nature. 😉



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On 5 May, 2012 by Carol
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