Although Lionhead Studios already released a patch to fix this glitch, some gamers still experience it.
Some got stuck in a tree, a statue, under water, in the air…
Anyway, if you got stuck while playing the latest extension do one of the following fixes:

Fix 1) Assuming you’re stuck outside but you can’t access your menus: invite someone in your game and have them buy one of your properties.
To be able to access your menus, have them find clothes or weapons. That should bring you into your menu and you can choose to travel to some other location.
If that’s not making your character move, then try fix 2.

Fix 2) Have someone invite you into their game. Buy properties, or weapons, clothes…whatever you like. Ask the other player to travel to another location.
Now save your game and exit.
Load your game and you should now be able to move and play again.

This second solution worked for me last night. I was playing with a friend and my Xbox froze, leaving him stuck.
After a few hours of searching and trying, we decided to give one last try. Inviting him in my game and allowing him to buy stuff then save and exit, fixed his problem.


Cheers and good luck!

  • lee

    could you help me with my stuck situation. i don’t know anyone else on live that i could i invite?

    • Lee, i wish i could, but i gave my gave away.
      Can you ask on the forums?