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On 25 November, 2009 by Carol

jamendo pro

I’ve been a member of since 2007 and i can’t imagine a better place to find, listen and download music legally and free.
This post, like all my other posts, is not a paid one. It’s about sharing.
It’s about a service that has an artist’s best interest at heart, a service that helps an artist promote his/her music without having to ever be involved in the battle of the entertainment industry as we all know it today.

What is Jamendo?
Jamendo [HQ located in Luxembourg] is a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses.

What do you get?

Anything your soul wants, your soul gets.
Choose from Ambient to Zen, download any song or album and share it with any of your friends….That’s how Jamendo works.

Of course, if you can support the artists with a donation, why not do it?

What else?
Besides having access to every possible song published on Jamendo and radios and , there’s a Pro service for businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping centers and many more to play background music  and for multimedia projects such as in movie and gaming industry, internet and business services.
Say you need a soundtrack for a documentary or for a commercial, you can get it via Jamendo at a very reasonable price.

The reason why Jamendo is good for your business if you need background music or soundtracks, is that it reduces tremendously your yearly costs .
NO additional fees for a Public Performance music license (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC).

How legit is it?

If you play the music in your shop or business, your license and certificate will serve as a proof of legality in the event of an inspection by performance rights organization representatives.
You get a certificate exempting you from performance rights (no fees to pay to ASCAP, PRS, BMI, BUMA, etc.), legally recognized by these organizations.

Prices and references can be found here: Jamendo Pro.


If you need to cut on costs to up to 50% on background music for your business, Jamendo is the service to go with. It’s legal and it comes with guarantees.
Ducati, VW, Yves Rocher, Quick are some of the companies that have chosen Jamendo

Start saving!

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