CopyTrans Manager free: manage your iPod the right way.

On 5 September, 2010 by Carol

I hate iTunes! It looks all nice and easy, but it’s a pain to work with and it is a resource sucker.
Transferring music to my iPod with iTunes disarmed me, mainly because i was never able to just drop a single song.
Just didn’t feel i had that freedom. Or maybe i didn’t look hard enough.

Anyway, any software that requires me to look hard enough for a basic need, doesn’t get my attention anymore….but this one got my full attention: CopyTrans Manager free.

I simply love it! Why? Because it gives me the freedom to easily move my music in and out of my iPod with no fuss and i don’t feel like my iPod is under lock-down.

CopyTrans transfers: music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, smart playlists, artworks, ratings, playcounts, date added and many more!

Simply install the app you need via the Control Center and from there on it should be a piece of cake.

You guys have probably worked with this program for ages, but i just found it. Guess you can tell that when it comes to Apple related stuff, i never keep up unless i get one of their products and really get stuck.

via CopyTrans.

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  • Ricky

    Wooow niiiice Thanks !!

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