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On 11 November, 2012 by Carol

imverterImverter is this sweet, fast and free web-app that lets you instantly convert your files right from your browser.
It might seem simple and “yet another file conversion tool” for now, but I promise you it is not.

Its focus is at the moment on image conversion and it supports and recognizes tons of known formats – JPG, PNG, GIF,BMP,  raw formats, vector but it also supports PostScript formats.

Something i like about it….
Say for instance that you want to convert a .pdf file to .jpeg and you want the end conversion in a zip file so you can download it and access it later…well, imverter does that.

It doesn’t only do the simple tasks but it takes it a lot further.

download exampleFrom the info I could gather about it, it can recognize over 500 image formats plus lots of others, and if I understand well its mother company is ReaSoft, a well-known graphic software company that’s been around since ‘99, so to say that its future is well secured and that the app will stay around for a long time and grow into a tool that lots of us will end-up using is something I am very sure about.
If well upgraded and well promoted, imverter will have a bright future…assuming it will also stay free.
Its maker, Alexander, (dunno if he is the developer) told me about the features he’ll be adding to it soon, but I am not sure if I have the go to add on this post about his future plans. All I know is that what he’ll add will make this tool a must-have and that will put many software to shame ,and these are my words because he’s pretty modest about his work. It will be more than just an image conversion service.
So if you need to convert known image formats without hassle and fast, bookmark and enjoy it.
I wish Alexander lots of success with this service which I am sure will turn out great and I am looking forward to the additions.

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