Symbaloo-Your personal online desktop

A while back, i was looking for a web service where i could put together all my favourite web sites that i visit every day, but i couldn’t find a decent enough one.

See, is so much better when you have them all listed on one page, and you don’t have to look through your bookmarks for them.

Services such as Gmail or YouTube are easy to remember, but when it comes to all the other services i have subscribed to, then is a mess to keep track of them.

And so, is one of those web sites who are saving my day and spare me some minutes of looking for my most important bookmarks.

With a great interface that will resize to your screen’s resolution, Symbaloo offers you the possibility to add lots of bookmarks in blocks and order them in rows and columns by dragging and dropping.

You can choose from a variety of services such as: dictionaries, encyclopedias, news, translations, movies, images, books, currency and so much more- or you can add your chosen ones such as Gmail, gDocs, Veoh, FaceBook, Zooomr and so on- or….just add your links by typing in the URL and you’re set.

If you have lots of stuff you want to see in one place, then you can add more rows and more columns to the page

Have a look at this screenshot and you’ll see what i mean.

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You can start testing by filling the blocks and if you decide that you want to use Symbaloo as your startup page, then you can create an account and keep the newly created blocks.

To add links to the blocks, move your mouse over an empty one and then click add. You will then be taken to another view from where you can pick up bookmarks, search modules, news feeds, widgets and radio.

The only thing that i would love to see soon in Symbaloo is the option to import my own bookmarks.

Apparently they are working on that feature as we speak.

Of course, the service is still in beta, so there are lots of goodies to come and make Symbaloo much more useful than it is at the moment.

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