Installing WordPress on Windows platform is a pain

Never thought i would say this, but at this very moment i cherish Linux and hate Windows.

Why? Because it is such a pain to install WordPress if you’re on a Windows platform.

For many hours i tried figuring out why on earth i can’t seem to get to the install.php and follow through the WP activation. What was i doing wrong? Nothing.

It was all by the book and it is not my first WP install…but all my others were on Linux.

Then I looked this up and all i got was more pain.

I am trying to help a friend, who really deserves to have a beautiful website and i want to run that on WP, but so far i only had troubles helping.

Right now i am waiting for a reply from his host, but if any of you could give me a hand with this or just a thought, i would very much appreciate it.

If any of you managed to install it on windows without checking with your host, please share and thanks in advance for that.