Geeky Christmas presents ideas

The Christmas is almost here and you didn’t buy any present yet for your loved ones.
If it is because you didn’t have time, then go now and pick one.

But if it is because you have a “present idea blackout” then here are a few gifts you could buy and even though the links provided are to Belgian shops, feel free to inspire yourself:

The Mp3 player Sandisk Sansa Fuze 16 gb = 8GB + 8GB free memory card – 99,90€

Sansa Fuze can be purchased at Het Computer Winkeltje and this is a promotion which won’t last much longer.

If your friend /girlfriend already owns an mp3 player, then maybe a digital camera would be an ideal present.

You can choose from a wide range of cameras at the Forcom Shop, or you can head over to Fnac or HCW and pick another one.

A 60 GB Xbox 360 Pro – also sold at HCW and it is a part of the promotion Cashback Actie – 239,90€

If your friend /girlfriend already owns a 360, then you might want to have a quick peek into their games and see if they own any of the following games, but make sure that they are playing the genre you are about to choose. Some gamers are very picky.

Tip: Most gamers prefer games with a multiplayer option.

Gears of War 2 Fable 2 Lips
COD: World at War Monopoly Saints Row 2
Fallout 3 Prince of Persia Need for Speed: Undercover

If they do not own a 360, but they are PC gamers, then try any of the above and have a look at Spore as well.

Now to hardware….

Western Digital MyBook2 Essential Edition 2.0 1TB – 142,75€ – can be bought at Forcom shop. Geeks would love it!

While we are at Hardware, take a look at this category at HCW . You will find a lot of things being sold at a very good price.

If none of the above pleases you, then you might want to try the book store or the gadget store – you can find some more inspiration here: Find Gift.

Pownce – 3 invitations to give away

Update : No more invitations.

Update : I’ve got 3 1 Pownce invitations left to send.

If someone wants one…someone who actually is willing to use it, then contact me and i will e-mail you an invitation.

Those of you who are already on Pownce and willing to add me to their friends list, here’s my link :

And for those of you who don’t know what Pownce is, visit the web site. Is like a geek heaven. 😀

Let’s go Powncing now!

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Geeky girl T-shirts … and not only

Found via DigitalInspiration

I am just going to give you a look at one of the female geeky t-shirts that i like from, and that is “I am so totally blogging about this tomorrow“, and the rest…well, go and see for yourself the rest of the t-shirts.

One other option that you have there, is to design your own t-shirt or a bag or something else – Design a Product .

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