Bioshock Infinite: Defend the Zeppelin final boss fight on 1999 mode

Bioshock Infinite: Defend the Zeppelin final boss fight on 1999 mode

OK.  If you’re playing the last mission of Bioshock Infinite and you find yourself stuck and dying over and over….and you want to get a few achievements at once – assuming you will be playing it on the hardest difficulty, without using the vending machines on 1999 mode, here is how to handle the last fight and boy, you will be glad for taking this approach:

1) Equip the Return to Sender trap

 photo d15ad180-4269-42a6-abda-26f87bc6b5e6_zps567e2ed4.jpg

2) Now place the trap all over the Zeppelin’s generator that you are supposed to defend.
By “place the trap all over” i really mean, place  10, 50, 100 of them, all around on the generator from up to down. 
Make it look like a fireball. Be generous because you can use a bunch of them. 

 photo 390902ea-1726-4bcf-954b-471f7ccea445_zpsdef71ddc.jpg

3) Find the sniper, which is somewhere on the right side on the wall, behind the generator and put yourself right in front of the generator, between the fireballs, right where you see that point .
As long as you stay between the traps, you will be just fine and  you will be able to take the enemy out with the sniper and any fire focused on the generator will be send back by the traps. 

This image  shows the back of the generator, which should be fully covered in traps as well because the enemies will be coming from all sides.

 photo 641a27c6-0128-44a0-b484-4825535203cf_zps72d3a2ce.jpg

4) Use the bird to take out the other Zeppelins. 

That’s about it. You will be relieved when this is all done. My boyfriend has been trying this mission on and on, then i took over and tried it, but it seems to be impossible playing it when you play it for the 3 achievements below.
This strategy will help you end the game without wanting to throw your controller in someone’s head. 

Scavenger Hunt 75 
Completed the game in 1999 mode without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine.
Stone Cold Pinkerton 50 
Completed the game on Hard difficulty or above.
Auld Lang Syne 75 
Completed the game on 1999 mode.




Now on Steam: Beta Update for Skyrim (Updated)

All Skyrim players are to receive soon a new patch which will fix a lot of glitches such as not being able to have the “Master Criminal” achievement for the non-English versions o the game.
The first release is for the PC players followed by the console players.

Skyrim – Barenziah stones location

This one is for the gamers.
First of all i would like to say that i really enjoyed most of Skyrim. Second, i am very disappointed by the Thieves Guild missions this time. I expected more excitement. Anyway….

At the end, it turns out to be an endless pain in the back, filled with little missions that are repetitive and boring. Yes, i am talking about the little missions that lead to the influence quests. But boring or not, they are very rewarding at the end when you acquire the Prowler’s Profit.

I’ve personally enjoyed searching for the stones of Barenzia, but if you’ve had enough of running around then see the list below with the locations of the stones.

Most of them are on sight and i will highlight them in light-blue so you can go grab them first if you haven’t already done that.
The stone at the Thalmor Embassy should be taken during the mission “Diplomatic Immunity”, or else you’ll end up looking for a glitch to help you get back in.

The list with the locations of the stones has been put together at the Elder Scrolls Wikia and the credit goes fully to the people there. I thank them for the great job and for such a clear and well put together wiki/walk-through.
Clicking on the name of the location will bring you to its wikia page from where you can access more information and a map.

  1. Solitude, Proudspire Manor: In the master bedroom, the property must be bought by the dragonborn first.
  2. Solitude, Blue Palace: On the bedside table in Jarl Elisif‘s quarters.
  3. Thalmor Embassy: In Elenwen‘s Solar, in a bedroom during or after the main quest Diplomatic Immunity.
  4. Dainty Sload: On a table in the First Mate’s Quarters (ship is docked between Solitude Lighthouse & Solitude).
  5. College of Winterhold: On a shelf in Arch-Mage’s quarters, where you can gain access during Under Saarthal quest.
  6. Yngvild: Chamber behind the throne in throne room.
  7. Hob’s Fall Cave: Sleeping area (near the alchemy lab).
  8. Markarth, Treasury House: Next to bed in the master bedroom.
  9. Markarth, Understone Keep: On a table in a locked left side room of the Dwemer Museum.
  10. Dead Crone Rock: On a makeshift altar in front of the Word Wall at the top of the final tower.
  11. Whiterun: Jorrvaskr: In Kodlak’s bedroom.
  12. Whiterun: 1st room of the Catacombs inside of the Hall of the Dead: In one of the left wall crypts near a skeleton.
  13. Whiterun, Dragonsreach: In the Jarl’s bedroom.
  14. Rannveig’s Fast: On a table near the watery prison.
  15. Fellglow Keep: On a counter in the workroom/workshop at the top of the front foyer (next to the alchemy lab).
  16. Windhelm: House of Clan Shatter-shield: Upstairs first bedroom on the left.
  17. Windhelm: Palace of Kings: On a table in Wuunferth the Unliving’s quarters (the first door on the left of main hall, at the end, upstairs).
  18. Stony Creek Cave: In the Bandit Wizard’s cavern.
  19. Ansilvund: Near Fjori’s ghost in the burial chambers.
  20. Sunderstone Gorge: On the altar in front of the word wall.
  21. Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary : On the dresser in Astrid’s room. *Game Spoiler-The stone can still be obtained after the Dark Brotherhood is destroyed.
  22. Pinewatch: In the Pinewatch Bandit Sanctuary.
  23. Riften, Mistveil Keep: In the Jarl’s chambers.
  24. Black Briar Lodge: In the upstairs master bedroom.

If you get stuck with any of the other locations, then use the interactive map of Skyrim.
Good luck and have fun!

Fable 3 (Xbox360) character stuck

Although Lionhead Studios already released a patch to fix this glitch, some gamers still experience it.
Some got stuck in a tree, a statue, under water, in the air…
Anyway, if you got stuck while playing the latest extension do one of the following fixes:

Fix 1) Assuming you’re stuck outside but you can’t access your menus: invite someone in your game and have them buy one of your properties.
To be able to access your menus, have them find clothes or weapons. That should bring you into your menu and you can choose to travel to some other location.
If that’s not making your character move, then try fix 2.

Fix 2) Have someone invite you into their game. Buy properties, or weapons, clothes…whatever you like. Ask the other player to travel to another location.
Now save your game and exit.
Load your game and you should now be able to move and play again.

This second solution worked for me last night. I was playing with a friend and my Xbox froze, leaving him stuck.
After a few hours of searching and trying, we decided to give one last try. Inviting him in my game and allowing him to buy stuff then save and exit, fixed his problem.


Cheers and good luck!

Bioshock Infinite announcement trailer

This is the new Bioshock Infinite announcement trailer and it makes your jaw instantly drop.
The game takes you away this time from the water-world of the Rapture into the sky.
Oh! I will miss very much the Big daddy and the little girls.
It won’t be the same…that’s for sure, but you’ve got till 2012 to get used to it. 🙂
Enjoy the trailer!

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