Can’t chat and play on Xbox Live – How many got this fixed?

Can’t chat and play on Xbox Live

This issue really gets to me, as we all have been trying to fix this since the beginning of 2007.

It is ridiculous that no one from Microsoft Support Center came up with a logical explanation for this and with a fix.
What’s more ridiculous is that i get the feeling that they are relying on the forums and bloggers to find the fix.
Ok, i get it, the crowds can share more, but the answers we get when calling or e-mailing MS for this very issue are just a waste of time.
Today, after getting one other comment asking for help, i decided to make a checklist and look at this from a different angle. Continue reading

I can’t join a friend’s game or do a voice chat on Xbox Live

I can’t join a friend’s game or do a voice chat on Xbox Live

Update January 13 2013

It’s been years since i wrote this entry and i still get hundreds of hits a week regarding this issue.
Back then i applied the settings you can find a bit down this entry and i had no problems ever since.
But i still search for answers for those of you still facing the connection problem “can’t join a friend’s game on xbox live“.

 I can’t join a friend’s game on xbox live, nat xbox live - nat xbox liveHere is the conclusion i came to: It’s all in the NAT (Network Address Translation).
If your NAT is set to moderate or strict, you probably won’t be able to join some games or hear your buddies when playing on the Xbox Live.
The NAT affects the ability to connect and communicate with other players and there is where your focus needs to go.

According to Microsoft “You should not experience a NAT warning if you are using a wired modem connection.” but that’s not entirely true or at least it needs to be rephrased.
If your Xbox is plugged directly into your modem and you still get the NAT issue, then your hardware is old and needs to be replaced. 

 I can’t join a friend’s game on xbox live, nat xbox liveIf your Xbox is connected to the internet with Power Lines adapter, then check and see if your power lines are compatible with your modem/router.
I have a fiber router and i am working with some old Powerlines and i don’t have problems.

So, check your NAT status on your Xbox Live dashboard. If it is on Strict or moderate, follow the instructions here: Resolving Xbox Live NAT issues.
You might also want to contact your ISP and ask them to help you out. It could be a simple Firewall setting on your network from your ISP’s side. I have access my ISP’s panel where i can forward to other ports, enable or disable the UpNp service, put an ip on DMZ and so on.

Direct links to the Microsoft NAT type strict


Start with your NAT, fix that and you’ll fix your connection issues.


Update – Wednesday March 23’rd 2011

Hey you guys! It’s been a while and in the meantime i don’t know is any of you managed to fix this issue…well, except the ones that left a comment or mailed me.

I recently encountered this issue while playing COD: Black Ops . It was after i upgraded my connection to a FiberNet (Belgians are familiar with this) and got a new all-in-one modem+router and i noticed that the UpNp was disabled by default.
After enabling it, it all worked just fine.
If the UpNp is disabled, the NAT will automatically be set to Moderate or Strict.

But, one of my friends with whom i play a lot has this issue with the UpNp enabled and the only way he can get rid off this problem and join the chat/party and game is by turning his network down for a full 5 mins ( and by that i mean everything has to be disconnected from the power-socket and all the cables unplugged from the modem and router or hub) and after that is all working smooth and nice and he can join without any problems. After the 5 mins offline, his network shows – miraculously the NAT being open.

Two very easy to configure routers are D-Link and Belkin. If you’re stuck with any other device that doesn’t let you enable the UpNp or do a port-forward, then i suggest you buy yourself one of the two mentioned above.


Cheers and do share if you have a better solution.


Update – Sunday July 27th 2008

Some help/resources links  about the xbox live chat issue:

Microsoft: Connection tests: NAT
TeamXbox Forum: Can’t Play With Friends on Xbox Live

Update – Sunday July 20th 2008

On June 20th, exactly a month back, i wrote an e-mail to Microsoft Live Support team asking for help on this issue.

So many of you have gone through this and seeing my incoming stats to this entry is just very worrying.

After explaining the problem with as many details as possible, giving them the link to this entry and pointing out to your comments, i kind of expected them to send me a nice answer that would help us fix this issue.

Instead, i got this:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email. In order to respond effectively to your email we need to investigate further. Therefore please contact the Xbox Customer Support team .

Kind Regards,


Xbox Support

Ummm…pardon me,miss Lily, but didn’t i just contacted the support team? Aren’t you supposed to assign this to someone in your team and have an answer sent to me about the issue’s status?

See, i do service desk and i wouldn’t dare sending this  confusing e-mail to my customers.

Are you looking into my issue or why are you asking me to contact the Support team when i just did it?

Thanks anyway dear. I will contact you again if that’s how things work.

Recap: My e-mail to Microsoft Xbox support was unsuccessful even though i gave them the best possible reason to look into this: It’s paying customers.

Maybe if i try again it’ll work.

If any of you have contacted the Support for this matter, please let us know what their answer was? Is there any fix for the connection besides the fix i posted below last year?

April 26 2007

Many people on the Xbox Live are having problems connecting to a friend’s game, such as GRAW 2 or Rainbow Six – Vegas, and they even can’t connect to each other via the voice chat.

So, how can that be fixed?

There is a solution and here’s how I fixed my problem:

1) If you are on a wireless router, and using a wireless card to connect to Xbox Live, then you might want to consider putting your 360 on wire, because connections on wires are more stable.

If your router is not compatible with the Xbox 360, then you might consider upgrading.

A list of compatible routers can be found on .

I have a US Robotics Access Point Router and I hooked up to it a D-Link switch with 5 extra ports, then connected my 360 to it. Since then, is all stable.

If your NAT (Network Address Translation) is set on Strict or Moderate, you need to open it.

To do that, go to your router’s control panel and look up your details.

You’ll probably need to open some ports for your 360, so you need to go to and look up your router, then look up the Xbox 360 ports that you need to open and how to do it.

It’s all there.

Quick note: In order to make this work, the ports you’re forwarding, must reach the Xbox’s IP address, and that is why you’ll have to put it on static IP….or it won’t work.

2) If your Xbox isn’t on a static IP address, then it’s time for you to change that.

First, go to your Dashboard and then System. Open the Network Settings,then Edit Settings.

Now, write down the IP that is already assigned, along with your Primary DNS Server, Subnet Mask and the Default Gateway details.

If you wish, you can add as a Secondary DNS Server, one of the following :

These DNS servers are from and they are a bit faster.

Now, Click on Edit Settings again and set everything on Manual, then insert the details you just wrote down.

When everything is done, test your Live connection and see if is all working fine.

Since i changed to Static IP and hooked up the D-Link switch, i have no problems anymore.

Hope that helps some of you.


To play this disk, put it in a Xbox 360 console

Update – Sunday 22 April 2007

Since this post is up, i have so many incoming searches to it. So many people are having the same problem – To play this disk, put it into a [tagtip]Xbox 360[/tagtip].

The truth is, that this can only be fixed by Microsoft ….( or by someone who has experience in replacing players or other components on 360).

You can keep pushing that game in and out for a while, but eventually, you’ll have enough of it and the player won’t play your disks at all.

There’s nothing you can do about your xbox; there’s no fix for that, except sending it to Microsoft and have the player of your 360 replaced.

Update :

I tried absolutely everything to make my Xbox 360 work, but no result. Only pushing the game in and out for about 30 times could make it go, but that’s not what i want for the money i paid.

The only ones that can fix it, are the people from Microsoft and yesterday the UPS came and picked up my Xbox 360.

I tracked it down and it is already in Germany but it can take up to two weeks till i will have it back.


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