Cannot enable my wireless connection [solution]

On 26 November, 2012 by Carol

Last week turned out to be a little challenging for my wireless connection. It was working fine and at full speed when suddenly it fell off and i couldn’t reconnect it.
At first i thought it was just another wireless problem with my router, then i thought that maybe the computer needed to be restarted as a result of some updates…then i thought some more and 3 days later i was still thinking of what could cause that.

The issue itself was the following: when i right-clicked on the wireless connection to enable it, it wouldn’t do it. It would say “enabling” and stayed disabled.
I checked the device manager and the driver was right there, enabled, with no warnings. I uninstalled the driver and restarted. Reinstalled the driver. Nothing. Why wouldn’t it work, when just before that it was working perfect.

My wireless USB adapter is a Linksys WUSB 600N and it was detected, but the led wasn’t on. I am running on Vista Ultimate.

So after installing and uninstalling the driver, installing the latest version, update Vista, and lots of thinking, i remembered about an issue i had with a Logitech driver a few years back while working with ZoneAlarm.
So i thought it might have been a compatibility issue with the latest update i had. And it bloody was.

As soon as i uninstalled ZoneAlarm, the led was on and the device was immediately connected to my network.

As i wrote in my entry Most common free anti-virus software of 2012 rated,  ZoneAlarm caused me troubles before by interfering with the drivers and i don’t like that.
I did like the new ZA, very much, and i wish they would update it and fix this issue.
Meanwhile, i am back to Avast and my connection works perfect.


So, if your wireless connection worked just fine and suddenly you cannot reconnect it, then check your firewall. ZoneAlarm is not the only one that can cause this issue.

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