The-Game-256Let’s admit it, times aren’t good, addictions are many and new games are way too expensive. No wonder there are so many gamers out there pirating games. 
I am sure that if there was a bit less greed around, the piracy will have a lower level…

Anyway, i am not in any way suggesting games piracy, mainly because game developers deserve respect  not theft.

What i am suggesting is instead of pirating, you can look around for shops offering the best deals.
Such shops have been added to lists all around the web, so is really not hard to find them.

I recently discovered a list of shops – (good job guys!) – in Belgium and Holland that offer the best prices on games.
The users are the ones rating, give warnings if necessary, share their experiences and tips. It’s not blind shopping. 
See the full shop list here: Budget Gaming Shop Survey.

I typed in Uncharted 2 and got my results right away. The “Naughty Dog” game ranges between 48,90 and 86,99€.
The normal price here in Belgium (if you buy it from Gamemania) would be around 69€ . Worth every penny if you ask me…if you have lots of pennies laying around.

Have a go and see if you find the game you’re looking for at a good price.

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