Bioshock Infinite: Defend the Zeppelin final boss fight on 1999 mode

OK.  If you’re playing the last mission of Bioshock Infinite and you find yourself stuck and dying over and over….and you want to get a few achievements at once – assuming you will be playing it on the hardest difficulty, without using the vending machines on 1999 mode, here is how to handle the last fight and boy, you will be glad for taking this approach:

1) Equip the Return to Sender trap

 photo d15ad180-4269-42a6-abda-26f87bc6b5e6_zps567e2ed4.jpg

2) Now place the trap all over the Zeppelin’s generator that you are supposed to defend.
By “place the trap all over” i really mean, place  10, 50, 100 of them, all around on the generator from up to down. 
Make it look like a fireball. Be generous because you can use a bunch of them. 

 photo 390902ea-1726-4bcf-954b-471f7ccea445_zpsdef71ddc.jpg

3) Find the sniper, which is somewhere on the right side on the wall, behind the generator and put yourself right in front of the generator, between the fireballs, right where you see that point .
As long as you stay between the traps, you will be just fine and  you will be able to take the enemy out with the sniper and any fire focused on the generator will be send back by the traps. 

This image  shows the back of the generator, which should be fully covered in traps as well because the enemies will be coming from all sides.

 photo 641a27c6-0128-44a0-b484-4825535203cf_zps72d3a2ce.jpg

4) Use the bird to take out the other Zeppelins. 

That’s about it. You will be relieved when this is all done. My boyfriend has been trying this mission on and on, then i took over and tried it, but it seems to be impossible playing it when you play it for the 3 achievements below.
This strategy will help you end the game without wanting to throw your controller in someone’s head. 

Scavenger Hunt 75 
Completed the game in 1999 mode without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine.
Stone Cold Pinkerton 50 
Completed the game on Hard difficulty or above.
Auld Lang Syne 75 
Completed the game on 1999 mode.