Best Pdf to Word converter freeware download

On 15 January, 2013 by Carol

One of the most frequent incoming search term to my blog is”Pdf to Word converter freeware download full version” and some related to it, and because i almost never convert pdf’s to word, i also don’t search a lot for freeware or online apps to do just that for me.
I never really paid attention to it, though i remember telling one of the developers i know that he should add to his app a feature where one can convert pdf to word and from there on, i didn’t really bothered with these terms.

But today, when i looked at the post where the searches land, i realized that i have given my visitors a link to a giveaway which is no longer available.
So now, i am really going to give you the best free pdf to word converter i can find.

Note: I first installed and tested the below software myself and i can vouch that there are 100% clean and free.


Best Pdf to Word converter freeware downloads

Boxoft PDF to Word

Boxoft PDF will convert your PDF To Word in a few clicks.
It’s clean, easy to use and fast. The conversion output file is as clean as it can get and i am very happy with the result.
This freeware is 100% clean and it runs on Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7. Sorry Mac and Linux dudes!

Pdf to Word converter free download and online converter

Visit Boxoft PDF website for more info.


Free Nemo PDF to Word

It’s 100% clean and freeware, and like the one above, easy to use and convert in a few click. The end conversion file is clean, ordered and it looks great, in other words, it’s high quality and it retains the original layout.
This time i tested a bigger file just to see how fast it goes. It’s bloody fast.
One feature that i think some of you will find interesting is this: It supports Password-protected PDF files (*.pdf).
Pdf to Word converter free download and online converter Nemo PDF To Word
Visit Free Nemo PDF to Word website for more info.


Best Pdf to Word freeware online converter

PDF To Word Converter Online

This is one is a keeper. Why? Because the converted file is really high quality file and the process is really simple: upload, convert and download.
pdf to word convertor online

Nitro Pdf to word online conversion

I’ve only tested one file with it, so i don’t know if there is a limit of how many files you can convert a day and i don’t know if there is a limit on your pdf file size.
Mine was about 350KB and it was sent to me by e-mail once the conversion was done.
The file i got looked decent, though i think they can do a lot better.
Best Pdf to Word converter freeware download

That’s all i’ve got for now. If i find another one, i will post it up.

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