Quick Media Video Converter – a free all in one convertor

A few days back i wanted to convert a huge .mkv file to .mpeg so i can play it on my dvd player or my Xbox 360. I ended up installing 5 software.
None of them were useful. They either raised my CPU so high that my PC froze, or they just left a watermark that is really disturbing.

Then i found the “Quick Media Converter” and that is all i need.

It converts files to VCD, DVD, AVI, DIVX, FLASH, FLV, Quick Time ,Windows Media, WMV, Xvid, TS, MPEG, WAV, MP3, WMA…and so much more,  it has support for Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, iPhone, Wii  and you can convert your video files to HD.

As I type, my Firefox is open with 6 tabs and it uses 8 times more of my CPU than Quick media converter…which is also running and converting that same huge .mkv file to a full HD file for my Xbox, so as you can see it is also a winner when it comes down to memory usage.

The cocoonsoftware.com website is quite messy, but i am sure you’ll find your way to see the screenshots and read the rest of the information.

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Free Drive Backup Express – Free Backup Software

Keep your system and files safe now with Drive Backup 9.0 Free Edition. This easy to use application simply backs up your entire system when and where you tell it to, and then allows you to recover your system and all of your files whenever disaster happens.

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Finding inspiration on Twitter

Before i start this, i must say that i am not a big twitter and i am not all that impress with the buzz and noise people make about it, but it turns out that it can be useful at times.

Lately, i found myself checking one particular person. He’s name is Carl aka cgw3 and he is my favorite twitter so far.
The links he finds are impressive. Real goodies.

If you need anything related to web development, design in general, or some other goodies, he’ll find you the best stuff around.

Just a few examples of his twitting activity:

21 Fonts That Shouldn’t Be Free…But Are by Union Room Web Design Link
Plugins That Make WordPress Into A Company Intranet from StylizedWeb.com Link
jCore – a Multi Site web Content Management System build especially for webmasters Link
25+ Tips and Tutorials of HTML & CSS Link
14 Easy to Implement Drop Down Menu Solutions from Web Design Ledger Link

And i could make a long list…

If you like his tweets, follow him. You’ll love what he’s got to offer. If you’re a blogger, then you can sure have him as your inspiration source.

Free XML Banner Rotator from Flabell.com

Free XML Banner Rotator is a highly customizable XML Banner Rotator with more than 35 XML options, including the masking size and speed.

You can customize the elements on the screen, the images and colors directly from the XML file.

The XML banner Rotator is free , but first you need to create an account in order to access the download.

For more information on this, please visit flabell.com.

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