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On 16 April, 2011 by Carol

AllMyApps is a free software that will simplify managing, finding and installing your favorite applications.
Does it look like an apps-store, like many others out there on the Internet? Sure. But none of the others will let you transfer your apps to another computer. This one does and it is way more productive than all the others.



How does it all work?
You first need to create an account. You then have two choices: 1) download and install the app and then choose from the available apps or 2) browse the categories on the websites and add only what you like to your own list.
The list will automatically be updated on your desktop app and you can now begin your installation.
AllMyApps contains some of the most popular freeware and open-source apps, as well as web-apps and shareware.


Now imagine how easy it will all be if you ever have to do a clean computer installation, for yourself or someone else, and how much time you’ll save by not having to search the whole web for your favorite software.
I used to make lists before i reinstalled Windows, then the USB came and made a software bundle on it and now i can honestly say that this simple app-store will save a lot more of my time because all i need to install it’ll already be on my favorite list and i won’t even have to search for it because i can already add now the apps i want with a single click.

And that’s what i call productivity!

Sign up and download the app here:

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